Onyeri calls Judge Kocurek 'super-human' as testimony wraps

It’s almost time for a jury to decide the fate of Chimene Onyeri.

The month-long Federal trial of the man accused of running a racketeering enterprise and shooting Travis County Judge Julie Kocurek is in the final stages.

Since the moment Onyeri took the stand last week, there wasn't a dull moment.  He cursed, laughed, cried...and didn't shy away from giving far more detail than one could have expected him to provide.

Onyeri's testimony wrapped up on Tuesday morning with some back-and-forth questioning between the government and the defense.  

Prosecutor Greg Sofer asked Onyeri about the getaway car he got into after the shooting.  Onyeri, referring to other witness testimony, insisted he never said “I smoked her” when he got in.

Onyeri was pressed about what happened to the gun he used and about his frustrations with Judge Kocurek regarding his case before the shooting.  

Onyeri accused the prosecutor of making it seem like he did this because he didn't want to go to jail.  "I have no worries about sitting in jail," Onyeri said.

During Onyeri's final moments on the stand this morning he told the court he hadn't planned on testifying at all.  That is until he saw Judge Kocurek take the stand. He says she showed quote “real courage” while re-living the events and keeping it together saying that was “super human."            

Onyeri’s attorneys also tried to prove to the jury through text message records that he was telling the truth about not realizing Kocurek had been in the car when he fired shots into it.  Just thinking he had destroyed property and scared the family.

Texts to friends after the fact were basically "happy" in nature according to Onyeri's own testimony and he didn't start Googling the incident until the next day around noon when he says he found out the judge had been hit.  

One of Onyeri's friends texted him about the judge being alive.  Onyeri responded with “SMH” or “shake my head.”

Prosecution asked Onyeri if he wrote that because he was upset he didn't get Kocurek.  Onyeri laughed at this and chastised Sofer saying “you're trying to make it seem like I'm trying to get her, it's not going to fly.”

Final arguments begin Wednesday morning at 9 a.m.