Operator of Zilker Zephyr taking train with them, holding final events this weekend

The operators of the Zilker Zephyr say they're "unhappy" with the way the Austin Parks and Recreation Department has handled the ending of their contract as they announced plans for the iconic train's final weekend.

In a final statement post to Facebook, the operators say that they believe the way the PARD handled the situation was "deceptive" because they say they were led to believe that they "had a chance to make repairs and a contract extension."

The operators say they understand that the Zephyr wasn't going to run forever but say "it would have been nice to go out on better terms."

A washout under train tracks near the Zilker Park Great Lawn is what led to the collapse of contract talks between the City of Austin and the operator.

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The washout happened in May 2019 after storms moved through Austin. City officials say that repairing the washout is the contractual responsibility of the operator, which still had a year left on its deal.

The city says it is working to find a new vendor for the ride.

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Meantime the Zephyr's current operators say they'll be taking the train with them. They have announced plans from 11 a.m t o 2 p.m. on both February 1 and 2 to sell remaining souvenirs and memorabilia as well as an opportunity for people to take pictures with the train.