Women, 34 and 44, dressed up as seniors to get COVID-19 vaccine, officials say

Two women donning gloves, glasses, and bonnets are accused of posing as seniors in an attempt to get a COVID-19 vaccine, according to health officials.

"This is the hottest commodity that is out there right now," Orange County Health Officer Dr. Raul Pino said about the vaccine.

On top of that, Pino said they arrived at the Orange County Convention Center on Thursday for the second shot.   

"They did have a valid CDC card, vaccination card, there was some issues with their IDs and driver’s license," Dr. Pino explained.

He said the women were about to receive the vaccine when they were stopped.

"They were detected by the vaccinators of course that they looked funny," Dr. Pino said.

Deputies were called in, and according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, the women had "… dates of birth that did not match those they had used to register for the vaccines. The names, however, did match the registration."  

The woman, ages 34 and 44, received trespass warnings.  

"Part of the findings that we have to do is – were they really vaccinated by us? When vaccinated? What happened? What day and what time? To try and figure out if there are any loopholes in the process," Dr. Pino said.

It’s not the first time health officials say they’ve stopped people from getting the shot.

When asked about overall fraud, Dr. Pino added that another man who had the same name as his father tried to show his father’s card at the vaccine center but the birthday didn’t match up.

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