Over 55 fraudulent credit cards found in Bastrop

Two Cuban nationals were arrested in Bastrop after dozens of fraudulent credit cards were found in a truck and home. Now, the sheriff's office is looking for a third suspect.

The Bastrop County Sheriff's Office recently arrested Ramon Martinez-Miranda and Ruben Diaz-Camejo for possessing dozens of fraudulent cards. According to the Bastrop County Sheriff's Office, these fraudulent credit cards were made using the information from actual credit or debit cards, which had their information stolen from a skimmer.

A magnetic strip is made like the one found on the back of any credit card, which holds the stolen information. Since the card was skimmed, they have access to the zip code or pin number, whichever one was used.

“So now they have everything they need so now the reproduce a card they can actually just stick in a pump it will read it,” said Sheriff Maurice Cook.

For the past two months, the sheriff's office was tracking someone using these fraudulent cards at various gas stations across the county.

“One of the deputies just happened to see the vehicle happened to be in his area,” said Cook.

During a traffic stop, they found Martinez-Miranda in a truck with some of the cards on him.

After learning where he lived, authorities searched the home and found another suspect, Diaz-Camejo, as well as many more fraudulent credit cards.

“We actually found some in his room and we found some in another person's room and of course we found additional ones in our suspect, the one that we had arrested earlier (Martinez-Miranda), in his room,” said Cook.

Cook said he takes crimes like this very seriously, especially since he's had his credit card information stolen in the past.

“Even though I’m as watchful as I can be mine got skimmed too,” said Cook. For now, Cook continues to urge people to always be vigilant of their bank statements.

They are currently looking for another suspect involved: 43-year-old Jorge Luis Linare-Miranda.

The public is urged to contact the sheriff's office if they have any information at: (512) 303-1080



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