Over 6,000 COVID-19 vaccinations administered in 24-hour 'Vax-A-Thon'

More than 6,000 first doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine were distributed during the 24-hour Vax-A-Thon at the Kelly Reeves Stadium. 

"Hitting six thousand in a 24 hour period is an incredible accomplishment," said Jen Stratton, Communications Director for Family Hospital Systems. 

Volunteers and staff worked non-stop throughout the night to inoculate those who still needed the shot. 

"We got a great group here that worked really hard, some people have been here the entire 24 hours," Stratton said. 

Stratton said an event like this can nearly double the number of doses they're able to distribute versus what they can give during a regular distribution. Adding at a normal 12-hour distribution clinic, they're averaging between 3,500 and 4,000 shots.  

FHS planned this event after the winter stormed delayed appointments and a shipment of vaccines.

And while Stratton says the 24 hours were long, the volunteers made it a good time with an 80's theme. Adding, overall it was a success.



"While we were having a good time, we were doing good," she said. 

Stratton said Round Rock ISD has been an incredible partner, allowing them to use their space and facilities, but it comes down to the state on the allotment of the number of vaccines they can receive. So, she doesn't know if another 24-hour site like this is in the future just yet.

"If a need arises and we have the appropriate number of vaccines, nothing would surprise me," Stratton said. "But, I think we are going to stick with our normal 12-hour vaccine clinic at Kelly Reeves during normal hours." 

But, encourages other sites to follow suit.

"We did great work last night we did work that we should be justifiably proud of and I know I am proud of Family Hospital Systems," she said. "We rose to that challenge and I would challenge other vaccine hubs in the area to start thinking outside the box"

FHS reminds the public, their distribution sites are only for those who have appointments. If you do not have an appointment and show up, you will be turned away. 

If you meet the requirements, you can pre-register for the Williamson County vaccine waitlist