Overflowing creeks and rivers shut down many roads in Austin

AUSTIN, Texas— Many Austin roads are looking more like rivers, as heavy rain hits the central Texas area.

The massive amount of water shut down Bull Creek Road, among many other roads Saturday. Austin Resident Jimmy Smaragdis said this is normal for the area.

"It gets like this sometimes, it's kind of feast or famine with the rain. We either have a drought or we have this. So we are having this, this weekend,” he said.

The massive amount of water didn't stop some residents from traveling to see the aftermath at Bull Creek.

“You'll see a lot of people, once the rain slacks off a little bit. You'll see a lot of people come take a look at it after it rains like this,” Smaragdis said.

Overflowing creeks and rivers across the county led to more than 80 roads being closed Saturday at low-water crossings.

Those who work at businesses on North Lamar– that were flooded during the Memorial Day floods this year— were keeping a watchful on Shoal Creek.

Eric Feldkamp is the manager of Whole Earth Provisions, and he said he didn’t get much sleep Friday night.

“I came in probably around 7:30. Shoal Creek was up to about eleven feet at that point, so we were a little worried it was going to pop over,” Feldkamp said. But it seemed Mother Nature was on their side this go around. “Fortunately, it did drop pretty quickly.”

With rain continuing overnight, Feldkamp said his worries aren’t over just yet. “Pretty much anytime it rains, I get a little nervous, especially when it's stuff like this,” he said.

Businesses aren't out of the woods quite yet, and neither are drivers hitting the roads this weekend. Officials remind residents to slow down and not try to cross low-water crossings. Always remember, turn around- don’t drown.

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