Package explosion victims knew each other, says Austin NAACP

By Wednesday afternoon, police had taken down tape and opened up Oldfort Hill Drive, that's where 17-year-old Draylen Mason lost his life, after bringing in a package and opening it inside his kitchen next to his mom.

"I heard this loud, boom! It woke me and it shook the wall of the house," said Jesse Washington, next-door neighbor.

Washington said he was told to leave for his own safety. He was shocked to learn Draylen had died.

"Draylen was the kind of kid, his friends would come, I'd see them hauling their instruments in and out because he was a musician," said Washington.

The talented bass player had been accepted into UT and planned on doing many things.

"In the past few months when he was doing his college auditions he would also bring up neuroscience and journalism. He was so interested in the world. I had been in touch with him the day before. I know from the other students he had been talking about what to do over spring break," said Patrick Slevin, director of Austin Soundwaves, and Draylen’s teacher.

The first bombing happened March 2. It killed 39-year-old construction and finance professional, Anthony House. The second before 7 a.m. Monday, killing Draylen, and the third, hours later on Galindo street, injuring a 75-year-old woman.

"It's pretty clear she was not the intended target which tells us, these people are dangerous but they make mistakes," said Nelson Linder, Austin NAACP president.

Austin police say the motive could be anything, including a hate crime, but Nelson Linder thinks it's something deeper. "Doctor Freddie Dixon, who is Anthony House's stepfather, and the Mason family are long known to East Austin and they know each other," said Linder.

"Anthony House's case in my opinion, we missed an opportunity. We missed a lot of evidence and key things early," said Linder.

The Austin community is left with more questions than answers as the investigation continues. "This person is very angry, number two they are very skilled, number three they have resources," said Linder.