Parents support Texas State president's decision to suspend Greek life on campus

Bob Cat Day brought dozens of parents to Texas State less than a week after a student’s death.

Sophomore Matthew Ellis was found unresponsive in an off campus apartment November 13.

The San Marcos Police Department said he attended a Phi Kappa Psi party as a pledge the night before. An initial investigation indicates alcohol may have been a factor. The president of the University has since suspended Greek life activities on campus until a thorough review of the Greek affairs system is completed.

A decision Yvett Morales a parent of a Texas State junior agrees with.

“I understand what the president's decision was and I support I think just out of respect for the family,” Morales said. “I think she does need to investigate and see exactly what's going on with our Greek organizations just to secure and make safe our students here at Texas State University."

However Morales does believe drinking is a responsibility and someone should be held accountable for their actions. A notion a prospective Texas State parent Grace Kallhoff echoed.

"Well it's horrible and it's sad but it's something that happens in every environment academic or otherwise,”Kallhoff said. “My daughter is 17 and I'm a realist and I hope she doesn't do things that would harm her but I know that she's a student and student's sometimes make poor choices.”

Authorities are still waiting for Ellis’ autopsy results.

The results will determine whether criminal charges will be filed.

TABC is also investigating Ellis’ death to see what role if any, alcohol may have played.