'Pawpaw sat and ate with mawmaw': Grandpa photographed with late wife at granddaughter's wedding

Tears at weddings are a given-- but not like this! ​​​​​​

Sahrah Elswick and Zachery recently celebrated their matrimony. As guests settled down for dinner, the bride’s grandfather—who she endearingly calls ‘Pawpaw’— made himself comfortable next to a very special memorial.

In an emotional photograph that has gone viral, 'Pawpaw' was captured eating dinner at his late wife’s beautifully decorated memorial featuring photographs of ‘Mawmaw’ and positioned in the middle of her rocking chair, a framed message read, “We know you would be here today if heaven wasn’t so far away.” 

The bride tweeted the touching pictures and Twitter was quick to react-- some people even shared stories on how they recently lost loved ones themselves.

One person even said she’s hesitant to get married because her dad won’t be able to walk her down the aisle: 

“This is beautiful but also I could cry. One of the main reasons I’ve been so hesitant to actually go through w a wedding is bc my dad won’t be there to walk me down the aisle or give me away or do a father daughter dance. It makes me so sad. Glad you could have her there somehow.”

If we could, we’d give Pawpaw a big ol’ hug.