Pecan Street Festival goes virtual for 2020

The Pecan Street Festival has gone entirely virtual for 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic

The virtual event "Pecan Street Wired" will be entirely online with content streaming on Sept. 19 and 20, the original fall dates of the Pecan Street Festival. 

The virtual festival focuses on international cultural exchange, tech offerings, and allows traditional artists to gain global exposure and increase their market reach.



Pecan Festival Wired is divided into five conceptual sections:

  • The Colors of Music: an exhibit about showing how musicians see the universe. Notable musicians involved include Daniel Johnston, Nancy Fly, Bobby Whitlock, and the non-profit Sound Waves, which works with musicians worldwide technically transforming their music into visual art, among others.
  • Sisters Cities: an exhibit featuring National Heritage award recipient Veronica Castillo; Peruvian icon Arcadio Boyer; Russian-turned-Austinite Mila Sketch; and Lima-born Austin resident Alonso Rey, whose paintings are priced in the thousands and are housed in private collections and the Mexic-Arte Museum permanent collection.
  • Master Classes: a new way of Keeping Austin Weird by exploring uncommon topics such as The Metaphysics of Inka Wayra, Mind Traveling, Heavy Metal Guitar Gods Lessons, Latin Piano, and La Clave del Ritmo. Notable lecturers include Maggie Duval, Marko Ellinger, Stuart Sullivan, Paul Lidel, and Brian Joseph.
  • Visual Motus: a section for visual artists and animators that includes traditional fine arts Pecan Street Festival exhibitors such as Karen Mannes; Ryan Runcie and Angela Navarro; Boyd Scheer; Austin Visuals, a locally-based animation company working globally; and Lauren Bruno and Melanie Clemmons.
  • Smart Kids: an educational section to engage families with kids age 5-15, with activities geared towards developing critical thinking. “Smart Kids” features 4 videos that teach how to recycle, what to do if you get lost/separated from your parents, why technology is good, and how to learn to appreciate the Arts.

The festival says its live-streamed content will be broadcast from a soundstage studio in San Marcos and a schedule and list of participating artists will be announced Sept. 13.

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