Pflugerville funeral home hosts drive-up funerals to allow more people the chance to say goodbye

Funeral services have been restricted to only 10 people in attendance, but a Pflugerville funeral home and cemetery has a new way to allow more family members to get the chance to say goodbye to their loved ones.

Cook-Walden Capital Parks Funeral Home and Cemetery has been forced to limit the attendance of funeral services, but general manager Rick Davis is setting up some old fashioned technology to change that.

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“The old days of drive-in theaters, they had people listening through your vehicle so we started doing some research and we bought the equipment to do exactly that,” said Davis.

The funeral home and cemetery invested in an AM radio transmitter so they can air services on the radio.

“So from this pavilion, we can actually broadcast the services to people's vehicles through their A.M. radio,” said Davis.

Davis says all families have to do is park their car near the pavilion and tune into the designated station on their radio. “We have some signage that will put out that will have exactly what station to tune into. In an ideal situation, the broadcast frequency can go out to half a mile, but it will easily go up to 1000-1500 feet which, in any place, somebody could see what’s happening up here and they will be able to pick it up no problem,” he said.

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Through this, Davis says more than just a few family members will be able to attend funeral services as long as they stay in their car. “If they’re in their cars, there’s really no limit because they’re all considered to be in their own personal, individual space so really the only limit is going to be where they going to park,” he said.

Davis says although an A.M. radio transmitter isn’t new technology, it's new in this case.

“These are such difficult times for families to lose a loved one and then lose a loved one with these restrictions just makes it even more painful so it’s an honor to be able to find a creative way with old technology to serve them in this modern world,” said Davis.

Cook-Walden Capital Parks Funeral Home and Cemetery plans to start using the transmitter at services this weekend.


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