Pflugerville group knits caps for cancer patients

For 60 years Pflugerville resident Beverly Lockwood has found sanctuary in knitting. Dianne Fagan found the craft about 30 years later. 

“We have very different styles.” Fagan laughed, sitting in Lockwood’s living room. 

The woman are bonded by more than just knitting needles -- both of their lives have been touched by cancer. 

“Cancer touches everybody. Everybody I talk to, it's amazing.” Lockwood said. 

The woman are part of a group of six people that have created roughly 2,000 knit items for cancer patients in the past two years. 

Lockwood began the project, after going to infusion centers with a loved one with cancer. 

“That's how I knew there was a need, that's how I knew how cold it was because it would be the middle of winter, summer and they'd be long pants and sweaters," Lockwood said.

Soon her group began picking up members like Fagan, who is eager to bring others the small comforts she knows can make a world of difference. 

“I've had cancer and it's my way of giving back.” she explained, adding, “...besides the emotional component of it any comfort that we can give helps.” 

People aren't only giving their time, they're also donating yarn -- lots of it. 

“It is like shopping, I like to come in and pick out what I like to work with.” Fagan said.  

Lockwood jokingly calls her home a “mini-Michaels.” 

“You just don't know how many people are affected by cancer," Lockwood said. "Almost everybody I talk to either knows somebody or is related to somebody, or they themselves have had it or have it and have gone through it and they really just appreciate what we do."