Pflugerville man arrested for stabbing family, setting home on fire

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Police arrest a man after a house fire in Pflugerville. Investigators say he stabbed his family members living in the home then set the house on fire.

23-year-old Esteban Arroyo is charged with assault with a deadly weapon. 

Police were called out to the home on Lazy Ridge on February 24 by family members who say Arroyo became violent after a fight with his mother.

Arroyo is accused of stabbing his mom several times with a kitchen knife in the arms and abdomen. 

Police say when Arroyo's sister-in-law tried to intervene, she was stabbed too.

As officers tried to help the victims, they noticed the house was on fire.

Besides the assault charge, Arroyo also has a restraining order against him to keep him away from the family and home.