Pflugerville police target of fraudulent check scam

Pflugerville Police Chief Jessica Robledo says she received two fake check from local businesses. It turns out it was all a scam and now she wants to warn the community so others don't become victims.  

Chief Robledo spends most of her time upholding the law and over the years she’s worked numerous scam cases. She never imagined she would be the target of one. 

Last Friday after checking her mail-she received two checks totaling $5,100. 

“Immediately red flags for me,” said Chief Robledo. 

After making calls to the two businesses listed on the checks she discovered they were from real businesses, who when contacted, were unaware.

“And they said yes we are a legit business but no we didn’t cut anybody a check especially the chief of police,” said Robledo.  

Robledo says scammers will often use real companies to make the check seem authentic.

The Pflugerville Police Department wasn’t the only one targeted by scammers.  

“I later found out that the chief of police in Leander had also received some checks made out to him. So there’s no telling how many fraudulent checks are out there,” said Robledo.

The chief says fraudulent checks may take weeks to be discovered by your bank, and once deposited, you are responsible for that money.

 “If you’re not expecting something pay attention make a phone call don’t just think oh it’s my lucky day trust me it doesn’t happen that way,” said Chief Robledo. 

If you think you may have received a fraudulent check, you should report it immediately to the Pflugerville Police Department at (512) 990-6700.