Phoenix FD: 1-year-old boy found dead in hot car in south Phoenix

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Update: Phoenix Police have identified the baby boy as Josiah Riggins. No arrests have been made.

In just two days, another baby was found dead in a hot car in Phoenix, this time near 28th Street and Broadway.

Just before 3:00 p.m., Phoenix police officers responded to the area of 2700 E. Marguerite Avenue in reference to an injured child.

Witnesses reported that the baby had been left in the vehicle for several hours.

Phoenix Fire arrived and the 1-year-old boy was pronounced dead on scene.

The father was responsible for the baby. Police say the father went to the church to pick up the mother, and that's when he realized the baby was in the vehicle.

Police also said the baby was unresponsive when the father reached the church, meaning the baby was left in the car to this.

Phoenix Police will conduct an investigation, but initial indications are that this was accidental. 

A crisis response team in responding to assist the family.

This in an ongoing investigation -- stay with Fox 10 Phoenix for updates on this incident.