Police arrest murder suspect from 2014 Cypress cold case murders of Sun family

Officials say 58-year-old Feng Lu, was taken to the San Mateo County Jail in California, where he’s being held pending extradition back to Texas.   

Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers spoke with FOX 26 about the arrest in the 2014 cold case.


"We knew who this suspect was, the question was catching him and finding him," says Kahan. "This is another prime example of when a suspect thinks he is, you know, we’re always looking for you."

After eight plus years on the run, police say, on Sunday, September 11, law enforcement took Feng Lu into custody. Lu is charged with capital murder in the shooting deaths of four members of the Sun family. The cold case from 2014 rattled many.

"It is big time news," says Kahan. "Someone that's been involved, and as someone who’s been involved in the criminal justice system for over 30 years, whenever you get a cold case like this, especially a multi-murder, murder of two young children, that brings a big smile and sense of relief to you. So this was a pretty big win."


The Harris County Sheriff’s office said in a release that Feng Lu was arrested by San Francisco Police Department and Customs/Border Protection after arriving from China.

It was January 30, 2014, when deputies with the sheriff's office responded to a home in Cypress for a welfare check. Inside deputies found two adults, Maoye Sun, his wife and two children, ages nine and seven, dead from apparent gunshot wounds.

"For eight plus years he’s been on the run, and then he made a big mistake, and that’s why he is in custody waiting to be sent back," says Kahan. "You’re looking at capital murder charge. I would imagine it's a matter of time he’ll be back to face trial."