Police arrest suspects wanted for former NBA player Andre Emmett’s death

Police believe they’ve arrested the two men responsible for murdering former NBA player Andre Emmett in Dallas.

Dallas police said investigators determined 32-year-old Keith Johnson and 29-year-old Michael Lucky were responsible for Emmett’s murder.

He was killed during the course of a robbery in the early morning hours of Sept. 23. His Ring home video camera captured the crime.

“They chase him down, you see the shooters and you'll hear the shooting suspect is right here, and he's bang, bang, bang, bang. Then he runs down after him and you hear another bang, so six shots that you hear,” said Det. Scott Sayers with the Dallas Police Department.

Emmett played professional basketball both in the NBA and overseas. His basketball career started with him playing high school ball at Carter High School and was launched at Texas Tech University.


Det. Sayers said there’s no indication the killers knew him or knew that he was a former basketball player.

“They got his property, they got an $80,000 appraised watch, Rolex watch, from him. They got two chains from him. They got what they wanted, and they still shot and killed him after he ran off,” he said.

Johnson was already in jail for an unrelated charge. He’s now charged with capital murder. Police say Lucky turned himself in.

Their bonds have not been set.