Police continue to investigate fatal hit-and-run

Those out for a drive on Highway 183, came upon a startling site early Sunday morning.

"There was a body in the road. They had stopped to direct traffic around the body," said Sgt. Jamie Alexander, Austin Police Department.

Austin police got the call around 2:30 a.m. from passersby. They say the victim is either a White or Hispanic man. Police say not only one car hit him, but several others might have as well. Authorities say the man's body was lying in the middle of one of the southbound lanes, making it very difficult to avoid him, in the dark of the night.

"I understand there was a concert somewhere down off riverside. We did have to divert some traffic from that, but we don't think it's related to the concert at this point," said Alexander.

Investigators are treating this as a vehicular homicide and are calling on any witnesses to contact them immediately if they know anything about the car or cars involved.

"When that investigation is complete. When they put all that information together they might seek the public's assistance in identifying the suspect," said Alexander.