Police Escort Woman Across Ben Franklin Bridge During Papal Visit

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New Jersey State Police 

PHILADELPHIA--(WTXF)--Who says miracles don't happen? On Saturday, one woman got the news she'd been waiting desperately to hear: A donated kidney was available at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia, New Jersey State Police posted on their Facebook page.

At 11 a.m. Saturday,  NJ State Police received a call from the State Department of Health requesting a State Police escort of an organ donor recipient. The recipient needed be escorted from Berlin, N.J. to Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia, according to police. 

New Jersey State Police Sergeant Chris Modarelli met the JeffSTAT ambulance at noon at the patient's home. From there, he provided an escort over the Ben Franklin Bridge into Philadelphia where he was met by the @PAStatePolice

New Jersey State Police say the patient arrived safely at the hospital.