Police identify man they say crashed into Capitol gate

Police identified the suspect they say crashed into the east gate of the Texas State Capitol early this morning. Police say: he took-off during a traffic stop and then slammed into the Capitol gate.

The Texas Department of Public Safety says it all started at around 3:30 Wednesday morning on Sixth Street. Austin police pulled over a black Dodge Charger for a traffic violation. The car fled and D.P.S. troopers caught up with the suspect, 26-year-old Marcus Reynosa near the Texas State Cemetery and pulled him over.

DPS says he drove off once again, crashed into the east gate at the Capitol. Previous Capitol employee Hunter Wayne questions if the gates are secure enough.

“At this point I wonder if it's built to take abuse,” said Wayne.

In February of 2014, the Texas State Preservation Board says another car damaged the historic fence in same spot.

“It seems to happen so often, where it's just like, I'm used to it,” said Wayne.

The board says:
“The historic fence may take months to restore. In the meantime, protective barricades have been placed at the damaged section.”

Troopers say Reynosa fled on foot once he hit a tree on the capitol lawn. Troopers caught up with him on Navasota and 11th Streets, where they arrested him.

“We were visiting and walking around it's so peaceful. When I heard that story I was like, "what, here?” said Sebastian Rotstein, visitor.

Reynosa is charged with evading in a motor vehicle, D.W.I., and failure to stop and render aid.
Troopers say he did have a woman in the car with him. She went to the hospital and was discharged.

The preservation board says they are still tallying up the cost for the repairs.