Police impersonator spotted by off-duty deputy in WilCo.

It was Monday evening, when Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody said a deputy saw something strange on Highway 95 just south of 79.

“One of my off-duty deputies in an unmarked civilian vehicle noticed a red truck with lights on, had pulled over a vehicle in the eastern part of the county,” said Chody.

He said the suspected truck was a red, Dodge pickup.

“Units from another jurisdiction had responded, the vehicles had already started to pull away and the outside jurisdiction conducted a traffic stop,” said Chody.

Authorities say the deputies did arrest the man...but the case is pending, and they did not speak with the victim the off duty deputy saw that day. They are not yet releasing the suspect's name yet.

“We do have some information maybe that some people, because of the post on social media that this person has pulled over other people. It's not been confirmed yet but we are tracking those leads if possible. He violated the law by seizing the liberty of this person not being a police officer,” said Chody.

This is another time to warn the public: if an unmarked car that looks suspicious pulls cuts on lights behind you, it's ok to call 911.  They'll tell you if this is in fact a real officer. 

“Put on flashing lights that way they can notify the officer, if it is a real officer, that they have acknowledged they're behind them,” said Chody.

Chody said then pull into a well-lit area, or somewhere you feel safer.

Chody is urging anyone who may have been stopped by this truck, or knows who this is, to call the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office at 512-943-1300.