Police impersonator turns himself in, AISD community relieved

The man Austin ISD police say impersonated a police officer and pulled over a school bus last week turned himself in over the weekend.

It was Tuesday October 18 when Austin ISD police say John Humphries, driving a black Tahoe with a front guardrail and police lights inside of it, followed behind an AISD school bus, with one student still waiting to be dropped off. This unfolded on Jollyville Road near Anderson High School.

“The bus driver made the last drop off/stop and pulled to a side street to do normal protocol of checking the bus to make sure students didn't fall asleep, or leave personal belongings behind. Mister Humphries made contact with the bus,” said Chief Eric Mendez with the Austin ISD Police Dept.

He then got onto the bus and confronted the driver. The driver, Brenda Dillard says he asked details about the route. He said he worked for law enforcement above the Austin police department.

“The bus driver did a great job in challenging the bus drivers asking for credentials,” said Mendez.

After she pressured him to show his papers or badge, he eventually left her alone. She wasn't hurt in the encounter.

"It's pretty brazen, it's pretty brazen, and again we still don't know the motive behind why he was following the bus or why he wanted information from the bus,” said Mendez.

With his picture plastered all over Austin, Humphries eventually turned himself in on Friday night.

“I'm glad they had security cameras and were able to get the guy before he could do anything really bad,” said Kenny Paul, lives near Anderson High School.

Police say Humphries was armed and things could have easily made a turn for the worse.  They're just glad no kids were on the bus when the suspect boarded and the bus driver was brave enough to question him.

“There's so much craziness going on these days, you don't know who you can trust and who you can't trust,” said Paul. Humphries is charged with impersonating a public servant and has a $50,000 bond.

There were reports of a man taking pictures of Murchison Middle School students the same day of the bus pull over, AISD police did not confirm if Humphries is responsible for that incident, although the suspect description was similar.