Police investigate after skull found in Llano County

Michael Dunn lives right near Lake Buchanan. Dunn says he was at home Wednesday night when investigators made the gruesome discovery. “Sad to know that somebody I never knew is here instead of properly buried that's what's going through my mind right now.”

The Texas Rangers and the Texas Department of Public Safety's dive team assisted in the search, and right now they're looking for more evidence relating to the skull.

Several residents have been interviewed in the area.

Dunn says when he saw the skull, it was clear it had been underwater for some time. 

Dunn says, “It appeared very old, there was nothing but the skull and some teeth. There wasn't any skin or hair or anything like that. The Llano Sheriff told me it could very be from Old Buffington (Bluffton) a town that went underwater and there were unmarked graves that probably weren't ever found. And it could possibly be a body from there.”

Dunn says the water levels are very low this year, which is why the skull discovery makes sense.

Last year the levels were 97.3% full. As of Thursday evening, it's 83.4% full. 

“You can tell the docks are out of the water now. The water was at least 5 or 6 feet higher. We'd be underwater right now where we are standing." Dunn says he and his neighbors aren't worried about their safety.  It's a quiet neighborhood, and they simply wanted to know what was going on. “It didn't bother me because those things happen and people die all the time. I just prayed for the family because that's just what we do as Christians we pray.”