Police investigating after possible shooting death in Austin

The Travis County Medical Examiner’s office will be conducting an autopsy.



The Austin Police Department investigated possible shooting death at an apartment complex in North Austin. APD said it first started as some sort of disturbance, and then someone called 911 and said a man had been shot.

Destiny Winston is with the Austin Police Department, “Life-saving measures were performed, but unfortunately those were unsuccessful and the male was pronounced deceased,” she said.

Winston said they got the call of a shooting or stabbing at the Palo Santo Apartments off of West Rundberg Lane around 1:40 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. When they arrived on scene they found a man with what they said was obvious signs of trauma, and despite the CPR attempts, the man died at the North Austin apartment complex.

Investigators said based on initial information they got from witnesses at the scene, they believed it was an isolated incident and there was no reason for people in the area to fear for their safety. 

Several witnesses were questioned and they did have one man detained shortly after they arrived.

“At this time, he is just considered detained for questioning regarding his involvement. We haven't made any confirmation or verification if he is in fact a suspect and no arrests have been made at this time,” Winston said.

APD was on scene for several hours trying to piece together what happened leading up to the incident and how exactly the man died. 

“The portion of whether or not it was a gunshot wound or what exactly caused the trauma is still under investigation. Of course final confirmation comes from the medical examiners,” Winston said.

APD is asking if anyone who heard or saw anything to contact them at 512-477-3588.