Austin police officers speak out after helping rescue girl from kidnappers

Austin police officers stopped a kidnapping attempt in North Austin.

On July 25, the Austin Police Department says it responded to a check welfare call from a store in the 8000 block of Shoal Creek Boulevard.

Police say a child told a store employee that she had been kidnapped, and the kidnappers were still in the store.

"She made a plan. She convinced them to let her go into the store. She said she needed to use the restroom. Once inside the store, she ran to the back of the store, found a place to hide. She actually, I guess, made contact with some of the employees there. And they helped her," said Officer Callie Wolfe.

When officers arrived, they found multiple suspects inside a vehicle in the parking lot, initiated a traffic stop and detained them.

Other officers went inside the store, and found another suspect.

"She had escaped her captors. One was in the store with her. The other two were in the car in the parking lot. And then she gave us descriptions how many and where they were," said Officer Cody Carr.

One suspect was arrested and police say charges are pending against the others.

"I think that she did everything right in the moment, and that helped us a lot in trying to get back, get her back safely," said Officer Rachel Stahlke.

Police say because of that quick thinking, the child has been safely reunited with her family, police say.

"Make a plan, be able to adapt because no plans ever go according to plan. And then when you do make contact with the police. Details matter. Details makes such a huge difference for us," said Officer Wolfe.