Police looking for person who dumped dog

Wednesday morning police got a call about a dead dog in North Austin. It turned out the dog was alive, but just barely.

Investigators say it happened just before 8:30 am Wednesday on West Croslin Street. The two men walking to work called and told officers the dog looked to be dead.

Investigators say the dog was a small Boston Terrier mix lying inside the crate which was full of feces. The dog, now being called Sophie, was wearing a collar with rhinestones at the time, leading investigators to believe she had an owner.
She is recovering tonight but she is still in critical condition.

“The dog is emaciated, hypothermic, dehydrated, and really laterally recumbent, or not standing up, due to the loss of muscle,” said Alan Schwettman, animal cruelty specialist, Austin Police Dept.

“Anybody that can do that to a helpless little animal is just evil inside, no soul, no heart,” said Grace Kennelly, lives in the neighborhood where it happened.

Schwettman says he is the only animal cruelty officer on staff, he says he is busy with these kinds of cases in Austin, not only dogs, but abandoned or mistreated livestock and other exotic pets as well.

If you have any information on this case, please call the animal cruelty tip line 512-978-0523.