Police searching for brazen burglars in Buda robbery

It’s been a week since security cameras recorded images of two men who broke into the A Line Outdoor Power Equipment store in Buda. Just over 30  items, worth almost $15,000,  were loaded up into the back of a pickup truck and hauled away.

"we've all kind of taken our time and looked at him, but dont recognize him personally,” said Store Director Brooks Gregory.

In an effort to identify the men, Gregory placed a flyer on the  front door with the offer of a reward. He has also posted an alert on social media.

"I'm just putting the awareness out there so other dealers can protect themselves, and do all that they can to keep these guys from coming into their place. I’m sure if they will hit one place they'll hit ten,” said Gregory.

The truck used in the heist appears to be a Chevy Silverado. The license plates were covered up before security cameras could get a clear view of them, but Buda Police Chief Bo Kidd told FOX7 the burglars did provide some clues.

"They broke the tailgate trying to get that closed, we know that was broken, we know he opened the door from the outside  so perhaps the door handle on the inside the truck  is broken so there are some unique features there that will help."  

That includes a couple of unique hunting and fishing stickers on the back window. Detectives are also reaching out to authorities in other cities to see if they're working similar crimes.

"I think there is a professional underworld market for these things, I don’t think they are going to end up in any pawn shops any time soon,” said Chief Kidd.

Chief Kidd admits the burglars were shrewd but believes they will get caught.

This is not the first time the business has been broken into, the have been 4 other cases, and after each time, extra security has been added."

New door locks have been installed plus  a fence,  with gate,  will be built. But Gregory would also like see some fence mending by the sheriff's department.

"Definitely an apology goes a long way. I try not to dog on them at all, but I feel an apology wouldn't hurt a thing,” said Gregory.

The burglars,  when they broke in,  set off an alarm. But Hays County  dispatchers didn't notify Buda police until after Gregory made it to the store - and called again. By then the equipment and the intruders were long gone. A spokesman with the Hays County Sheriff's Office confirmed that they were responsible for not notifying the police department after the call from the alarm company came in. An internal review into why that happened is still being done.