Police suspect foul play in missing Houston duo case

Sidney Taylor and Krislyn Gibson , both 35, came to Austin for the Urban Music Festival the evening of April 1. They left their belongings at a friend's house and went to the concert. Afterwards, they met with an old acquaintance by the name of Harvey "Hootie" Cyphers. Surveillance video shows them coming and then leaving the Landing Strip club in Austin.

“The friend they were staying with called to check in around 3. Taylor at that point mentioned he was with Harvey Cyphers,” Det. Jay Swann, Austin Police Department said.

That was the last time anyone heard from Taylor or Gibson who were just friends. After another day passed, the friend called APD on Sunday and reported them missing. Police say the two seemed to have no reason to run away.

“Friends and families say neither Gibson nor Taylor would abandon their families or jobs,” Swann said.

Seeing that Cyphers was the last person with them, APD asked Cyphers to speak with them shortly after.

“Our investigation has revealed that cyphers was untruthful about his whereabouts,” Swann said.

He admitted owning several  guns while being a convicted felon. APD got a search warrant and looked  inside his Montana Street home for 20 hours.

“Blood and other evidence were discovered, leading investigators to believe an act of violence had occurred at that location and that the crime scene had been cleaned up,” Swann said.

Tuesday April 5, Houston police found the couple's abandoned black dodge charger in Houston with several of their items still inside along with blood.
Cyphers sits in federal custody for his firearms charge. Police have not found the bodies

Records show the phones of Gibson and Taylor were with Cypers at his home. Cell phone records also place Cyphers near where police found the car in Midtown Houston.