Poll finds Austinites concerned about traffic, affordability

A new survey finds a majority of Austinites feel the city may be at risk of losing its appeal because of the rising cost of living. The Zandan poll found 86 percent of people surveyed feel that way and affordability continues to be a top concern.

Peter Zandan, a long time Austinite, pays for the poll and sees it as a tool to help organizations and city leaders. It looks at how people feel about their city and asks a range of questions on a variety of topics.

Of those questioned 66 percent say they are not able to save as much as they would like for the future. It's also no surprise that traffic, roads and transportation rank as the number one problem in the city.

The data, according to Zandan, shows age plays a big role in how people view the city and as a whole Austin is very youthful.

Another point of note Austin is less liberal than people might initially think with 45 percent identifying as Democrats and 29 percent as Republicans.

"The poll reveals there are a lot of good things in Austin and we're aware of that but it's good to have a road map to help us understand the challenges ahead," said Mayor Steve Adler.

"As I got older and started paying property taxes and sitting in traffic the quality of life I loved started coming at a higher cost and the issues that are identified as frustrations are the same ones I experienced," said District 8 Council Member Ellen Troxclair. Troxclair is the youngest woman ever elected to the Austin City Council.

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