Pope parking opens up in Camden

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All of sudden there's loads of Pope parking in Camden.

More than 8 thousand spaces -- and they promise it's easy.

Just 30 bucks and you register at Gateway to the Pope, and then you can walk over the Ben Franklin Bridge, ride PATCO or sail the ferry.

Where did all the spaces come from?

Well, all the buses they'd thought would park there never materialized so they called an audible and opened them up to the public.

Now, you can even buy Pope PATCO passes same day.

Big changes they hope will inspire folks to go.

Louis Capella, Freeholder Director of Camden said, “Don't be discouraged from going if you want to see the Pope. Don't let the roll out confuse or give angst discourage you. This is a great event for the region and want everyone to participate.”

As the stage is literally set, they're trying to generate excitement in Philly too to get the message out that there's lots to do and most of the city will be open.

Mayor Michael Nutter said, “I'm asking all Philadelphians not already joyously anticipating the arrival of Pope Francis to get excited and to get involved.”

Every commissioner in the entire city lined up to inspire confidence. Commissioner Ramsey say police will be working 12 hour shifts to keep every neighborhood safe.