Popular Dripping Springs restaurant reopens after flooding

After being hit by a devastating flood last week Homespun Kitchen and Bar is now back in business and customers say they couldn't be more thrilled.

It's hard to believe that just a week ago the restaurant located in Dripping Springs was filled with more than four feet of water. 

About 60 people were in the restaurant at the time of the flood and were able to make it out unharmed.

But the same couldn't be said about everything inside the family owned business.

Homespun Manager Anthony Ramirez helped with cleanup efforts.

"Everything needed to be sprayed down, the mud and the floor cleaned, ripped out the walls pretty much all equipment below three feet was destroyed,"  said Ramirez.

He says with help from the community and generous donations from local businesses the restaurant is back in business.

Tables were set for comeback and, thanks to a cleanup and renovated floors and walls, customers say the view was even better than before.

The once gutted dining room now filled with customers waiting to grab a bite to eat.

Some dinners heard about the flooding and were amazed on just how quickly the doors were reopened. 

"Everything is back to normal the service is great the restaurant looks like nothing ever happened," said Dawn Sabo.

Ramirez says since opening they can now can shift their focus to a day that counts for everyone. 

"Tomorrow's 'Mother's Day' it should be great so we are all excited," said Ramirez.