Possible tree dangers due to saturated ground

After weeks of heavy rainfall and massive flooding, people across Central Texas are cleaning up major debris. But with the ground still saturated with water you may still have threats outside your home.

The Memorial Day weekend flooding left behind a sea of destruction and unspeakable memories. The Blanco River destroyed more than 1,000 homes when it flooded but even those who don't live in flood plains may be at risk.

Arborist Dave Madden explains. "We got soaked ground and some of these trees are falling over. We're poised for a much bigger disaster if we start to get now the big thunderstorms with high winds because the ground couldn't get much more saturated."

Madden says these recent storms can break and uproot old, large trees that have experienced drought for the past few years.

"Trees do get brittle in these drought periods. Now we got this big influx of new growth, a lot of weight, new weight on the branches...and that's putting stress on those drought stricken branches," Madden says.

It all means that certain trees in your yard could be a threat.

Madden says it's important to inspect the trees on your property. Look for decay. Fungal growth like mushrooms on or near a tree trunk, raised roots, cracks in the tree and dead branches.

"If you have any questions at all get an a certified arborists out there to assess the damage or danger potential," Madden says.

The cost of a certified arborist and tree removal varies. It is important to remember during this time not be scammed by people coming door to door. Make sure you do your homework before hiring anyone.