Prayer event for First Responders

Prayer vigils and protests continue in response to the deadly events from the past two weeks. One gathering took place Monday morning in New Braunfels.

The event in New Braunfels began with a processional of emergency vehicles around the Main Plaza. There were cheers and applause as a stream of flashing blue and red lights circled the center of town.  It was a powerful sight for those driving in.

"Absolutely you get that lump in your throat, it’s hard to hold back your emotions, to see that especially knowing what’s going on,” said Lt. John Wells.

The gathering was organized in response to the murder of five Dallas police officers last week. They were shot by a sniper as a Black Lives Matter protest march was wrapping up.

"So we want to give out a shout out for all of our first responders, thank you ... ( cheering) ... and by that I mean, all lives matter, black, white, brown, all lives matter ...(cheering),” said one of the organizers Cathy Dyer.

The crowd that gathered at the community bandstand included Jeff Simpson his wife. They like many other parents who came thought it was important to share the moment with their children.

"We've got a lot of friends that serve in law enforcement... my daughters made up cards for them yesterday and they talked about how much it meant to them, so it was really pretty cool to see that,” said Simpson.

The event was not just to show support it also was a community prayer meeting.

"Break every Yoke right now, and let healing come, let peace come, and come for the hearts of those who have lost loved ones,” said Bishop Michael Franklin from San Antonio’s Christ Ministries International Church.

Five different prayers were offered up. Along with a prayer for peace, the group held hands and prayed to love one another. There was a prayer for racial harmony, and the protection of first responders as well as for city officials. The closing prayer was for the town to remain united.

"I use to be against these law officers, and now I stand with them,” said former gang member Macario Savceda who is now a local preacher.

With each song and prayer the crowd's embrace of the first responders grew tighter.

"I think there really was a presence today,” said Officer D. Coronado.

Sgt. Victor Rocha was also moved by the outpouring of love.

"You could feel the energy, there wasn't any negative energy I can tell you that."

While the prayers were about healing, it was also generally understood at some point the words said here will be tested by the next crisis.