Pregnant mother, toddler found dead in Idaho home: reports

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A 33-year-old mother and her two-year-old toddler were found dead in their home Wednesday evening, according to Idaho Police.

Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office responded to a home in Wallace, Idaho at approximately 8:27 pm local time for the report of a death. Officers encountered the bodies of Elizabeth Lawley and her son upon arrival, both with gunshot wounds. Police say she was several months pregnant, according to KREM2. 

"Speaking honestly, in my 19 years of service for Shoshone County, I’ve never seen the SCSO so somber, so devastated; we shared a lot of hugs, and we shared a lot of tears," Shoshone County Sheriff Holly Lindsey said in a Facebook statement posted by the department on Thursday. 

"Today was an extremely difficult day for the family, for our office, and for this community. And I can only imagine what the family is going through," she continued. 

The preliminary investigation points to Lawley likely killing her son before killing herself. The Shoshone County Sheriff's Office told Fox News Digital Sunday the incident is still under investigation. 


KREM2 reported Idaho State Police is assisting the sheriff's office with the investigation. (Joe Jaszewski/Idaho Statesman/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

"As the Sheriff, I’m obligated to share the news with the citizens of Shoshone County, but I can’t in good conscience put the family through any more pain by reporting on this incident any further, so this will be our last comment pertaining to this tragedy," Lindsey said in the statement.


"I may just be sleep deprived, but I can’t stop thinking about how precious life is. Kiss your spouse, hug your children, call your parents and your sibling(s) to check in with them-don’t take any of it for granted…not even for a minute.

Stay safe out there and take care of each other."

Wallace Mayor Lynn Mogensen also commended local authorities who responded to the scene, saying she wants to thank all the first responders during this difficult time, according to KREM2. 


The local outlet also reported Idaho State Police is assisting the sheriff's office with the investigation. 

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