President Bush moved out of ICU, Barbara Bush released from hospital

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Former first lady Barbara Bush has now been released from Houston Methodist Hospital and President George H. W. Bush is now transferred out of Methodist's Intensive Care Unit.  After being admitted five days ago, battling viral bronchitis, the 91-year-old Mrs. Bush is no longer a patient, but she is still spending most of her time here as her husband is also improving and now in a regular hospital room.

It didn’t take long for the former first lady to leave her hospital room once she was discharged, but doctors immediately knew where to find her. 

"She was already in Intensive Care sitting right next to him, watching TV.  They’re essentially therapy for each other,” says Houston Methodist Pulmonologist Dr. Clinton Doerr.

"They truly do have such an amazing love for each other and that really came across here,” adds Dr. Amy Mynderse.

After nine days with Bacterial Pneumonia in Houston Methodist Hospital, five days in the intensive care unit, spending two of those days on a ventilator, the former president still has some inflammation in his bronchial tubes effecting his oxygen and triggering coughing, but he’s well enough to be transferred from ICU into a regular room.

"He is sitting up, watching TV and is waiting anxiously for his favorite oyster stew for lunch.  He’s on minimal oxygen and laughing and joking with the nurses and doctors,” smiles Dr. Mynderse.

”He still has a fair amount of coughing.  We are addressing that with various breathing treatments.  He’ll need a fairly aggressive combination of breathing medications.  We’ll finish off a full course of antibiotics as well,” explains Dr. Doerr. 

"Anytime you hear of a 92-year-old gentleman with pneumonia requiring intubation, it’s a very serious situation.  He’s a really strong person.  He’s not your average 92-year-old,” adds Dr. Mynderse. 

One of the first things President Bush said when he found out he was leaving ICU?  “He said ‘Oh I don’t think I need to be here. Can I just go home?’ but he’s not quite ready,” explains Dr. Mynderse.  Well, when he does go home, as Dr. Mynderse tells us, President Bush is surprised to know the media will be here anxiously awaiting his discharge.

“When I was coming to this news conference I said 'any words of advice I’m going to go talk to the press' and he said 'about what' and I said 'about you' and he said 'people want to know about me?’"  Yes, Mr. President we do.

President Bush could be released from the hospital Friday or this weekend.  He still suffers from a form of Parkinson’s Disease which requires him to use a motorized scooter to get around.  That doesn’t seem to stop him.  He’s asking doctors to hurry up and discharge him so he can go to the Super Bowl.