Proposed termination for Burnet MS principal

Austin ISD has served the principal of Burnet Middle School a notice of proposed termination. He is accused of sending inappropriate texts to an 11-year-old relative. We're also finding out that this isn't his first run-in with the law.

Principal David Dean was arrested Monday off campus and is now out on bail. Until the district wraps up their investigation, he is on administrative leave without pay.

The termination of Burnet Middle School Principal David Dean is in the process. Parents are still uneasy, even considering switching their child to another school. 

"Man, this is ridiculous. This is crazy," says Wesley Adams, parent.

"It's not the first time, it's just the first time it's been heard of,"'says Angela Wiggins, parent.

The minor that Dean is accused of soliciting is an 11-year-old relative. 

Investigators say a couple of weeks ago her mother allowed her to text dean about a family party. Court documents show how those texts escalated:

"Do you know what happens to a man when he sleeps?," says Dean.

"No," says victim.

"I will try to not let it but sometimes things happen that shouldn't. Especially with young girls," says Dean.

"Social media, texting, any digital media has become the norm actually, for communications, for all of us. So I think it makes it that much easier to access a child, to access someone and do it in private and do it in a way where other people aren't going to see it," says Amanda Vanhoozer, Center for Child Protection.

The age of the victim is the same age as many of the kids at Burnet Middle School.

There is no proof that Dean had any inappropriate communications with his students.

"My concern is just really more about the students in the school. What's to say he hasn't done it before with anybody else," says Anna Zuniga, picks up brother from school.

"How many children was he in contact with prior to this particular situation? I would really be contacting some of those parents and trying to figure out if anything had happened to those children. Generally, that's what happens and people start coming out of the wood-works," says Wiggins.

AISD Police say there's an officer at the school every day but they've added an additional one to ensure safety.
Counselors have been available to students who are having a difficult time.

"I've never heard about this in other schools. This is the first time happening here and I've never heard of this such cruelness about a prinicpal," says Lilliana Mendoza, student.

"He was really nice and I was not expecting this to happen," says Devon Adams, student.
FOX 7 made an open-records request and received dozens of district records, including criminal history information.

In Dean's application for Burnet Middle School principal he says:

"I was arrested for DWI in Travis County on January 21, 2009. These charges were dismissed and I am on deferred adjudication for a misdemeanor of "obstruction of a passageway." All charges have been dropped."
Attorney's say in some cases "obstruction of a passageway" is offered as part of a plea deal.

"We look for strangers, people that we visually see, but most children don't think of strangers as someone they know or an authority figure within the school. It freightens me," says Wiggins.

AISD Board of Trustee members will consider the proposed termination at their regular board meeting on May 23rd.