Prosecutors decline to pursue case against former McIntosh HS baseball coach

UPDATE (9/6/19): In August 2019, prosecutors elected not to pursue the criminal charges against David Munoz, following his completion of a pre-trial diversion program.


ORIGINAL (5/11/18): Additional charges were filed this week against the head coach of the varsity baseball team at McIntosh High School in Fayette County.

Coach David Munoz, 43, was initially charged with one count of sexual battery after the Peachtree City Police Department said they received a complaint April 24 about possibly making "inappropriate physical contact with student-athletes."

Police this week said they have since learned of four incident, three of which took place in school buildings during school hours, but not at the baseball field.

"But this has taken place in school hours, not on the ball field and not on any type of duty that a coach would have," said Heather Scott, Peachtree City Police Department.

Munoz is charged with a total of four counts of sexual battery. Police do not allege it was for sexual gratification.

"Sexual battery is the inappropriate and unwanted touching of someone in protected areas. And the code section defines those areas," said Munoz.

Investigators said they spent several days at McIntosh High School interviewing 30 students, including members of the baseball team. Police said those interviews led to these additional allegations from additional students.

Munoz' attorney Tom Cook released the following statement this week:

"We are conducting a number of interviews and have not found anyone who supports the claims or experienced that kind of behavior.

"He is a popular coach and teacher and has a good reputation on and off the field.

"They are not alleging any kind of sexual gratification and we are going to see this through."

Police said Munoz turned himself in at the Fayette County Jail for these additional charges and has since bonded out.

The school's principal said they had no prior knowledge of any accusations, but took action when it came to light. Fayette County School District officials said Munoz had worked for the school system since 2007 as a health and physical education teacher. He worked at J.C. Booth Middle School before transferring to McIntosh High School in 2014. He is not allowed to teach and coach at this time.

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