Protesters at Capitol demand release of migrant children from detention centers

It is Independence Day in America, but hundreds protesting at the Texas State Capitol feel the crisis at the border is telling a different story for migrants.

“Today is the Fourth of July, a day to declare freedom, a day to declare freedom for people trapped in cages, they don't need to be there,” protester Pam Friday said.

Friday said she is appalled at the reports of some of the poor conditions children are allegedly in at detention facilities.

“I can only imagine what we're not seeing. It's totally against what America stands for,” she said.

Over the last several weeks, an overwhelming amount of migrants has been showing up at the U.S.-Mexico border, many from Central America, seeking asylum. 

“It's a complicated issue, I get that," Friday said. "But we can't justify putting people in cages for not doing anything but wanting a better life for their children, you can't do that."

Some protesters mentioned the heartbreaking photo of a father and his toddler daughter who both drowned, showing the human toll the immigration crisis is taking.

“I just think of the moment they were struggling. With my indirect thinking, I felt the dad might've gone first,” said Augustine Chavez, advocate at The Young Center.

He feels if nothing is done soon, more of these tragedies could happen.

“Now today a lot more people are waking up, a lot more people are worrying," Chavez said. "As long as I’ve lived I’ve never seen on the news these huge caravans coming over, but now you see more and more and more."

The protesters marched from the Capitol to the governor's mansion hoping their message will resonate.

“We are lucky to have been born here," Friday said. "Let's share that love, let's share that love of freedom with other people."