Protesters gather at opening night of The Greater Church of Lucifer

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It was opening night for The Greater a Church of Lucifer in Old Town Spring. While some who attended the services were excited, others gathered to speak out against the group.

“That’s why I'm here,  to stand for Jesus,” said Linda Lowrey.

Some protestors did not attend opening night to bring the church down but rather to use personal experience to influence those attending the services this weekend.

“I used to be involved in the cult world,” said Greg Reid.  “I was raised in it and I just want people to know that there's hope for people trapped in that world. I'm here to let people know God loves them.”

Many of the church protestors told FOX 26 they feel the name “Lucifer” implies the church worships Satan. However, the church presidents want to make it clear that is not the case.

“Well Lucifer is a symbol for us it's not an actual being to us,” said co-president of GCOL, Hope Marie Ford. “It’s an actual symbol and it's a symbol of the rebel spirit within, the light bearer, and bringing knowledge.”

Hope Marie, and co-president Michael Ford, said the church is about self-illumination.

“Luciferianism is a philosophy based on balance, wisdom, power, and strength,” said Michael.  “It's about liberating yourself from restrictive belief.”

The protests Friday night were peaceful, and although some may disagree with its location in Old Town Spring, others supported the freedom of religion.

“This is a country of religious freedoms and their right to worship is a will,” said one attendee John Edens. “It’s as important as the protestors.”