Rabid bat bites woman near downtown Houston

A woman is being treated for rabies after she was bitten by a bat in a parking garage near Buffalo Bayou Park.
It was last Thursday when Katie Koenig was loading up her car and a bat that was near her rear bumper jumped and bit her hand.

Koenig was able to take a photo of the bat before she called for help. First responders where able to trap the bat and send it in for testing. The next day, she was told the bat tested positive for rabies.

Cases of people suffering bites and contracting rabies are extremely rare. The Houston Health Department said that out of 24 bats brought in only 11 were positive for rabies in 2016 .So far in 2017, only seven of 21 bats tested positive. Treating rabies is costly, especially for Koenig, who doesn't have health insurance. She is currently waiting to hear back from the State of Texas if it will assist her with medical expenses.