Raccoon goes for leisurely swim in family's pool

Even woodland creatures like to take a dip in the pool.

A couple watched as a raccoon walked around their backyard pool in Toronto, Canada -- then decided it wanted to cool off.

James Novak laughed as he recorded video of the animal dipping its front paws into the water.

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It then tiptoed around the pool's perimeter before finding the stairs, then stepped into the water and began to paddle.

“The raccoon is going for a swim in our pool,” Novak said in the video. “This is insane. There is a raccoon swimming in our pool.”

Catherine Creager shared a photo of the raccoon drying off on the pool deck later the same day, joking that all he needed were "some sunnies and a cocktail."

She said the raccoon had gone for two more swims and "some leisurely laps."