Raging Idiots play at Dell Children's Medical Center

Bobby Bones and Eddie who make up the comedy duo 'The Raging Idiots,' have toured all over the country.  The day after they released their kids LP, the Raging Kidiots, they teamed up with Australian singer Nakita King and there was one place they wanted to play.

"We're Austinites," says Bobby.  "And we put out a kids record and thought where can we go sing for kids that would maybe like to have some music sung to them and we've been at Dell a lot so we thought let's go back to Dell again, our favorite place to be."

The two have relocated to Nashville, but iHeartMedia's The Bobby Bones Show airs in Austin on country station KASE 101.  They have raised more than a million dollars for different non-profit organizations and they made their record with moments like this in mind.

"The whole point was to make people happy and smile and learn things and make education fun and its cool to see it first hand to see the kids engaged and looking and saying this is actually kind of fun," Eddie tells FOX 7.

They have a song that teaches the names of the planets and one that reminds kids they can grow up to be anything they want.

"He was the only one tapping his feet the entire time so I think he enjoyed it," says Jordan McBride about her 5-year-old son, Cain, who is recovering from an infection after being bit by a large dog.  She says a little music definitely made his day better.

"He sings a lot of whatever is on the radio. he can hear a song one time and sing it for weeks afterwards so this was awesome.  It just helps not to have to see them worry about being sick for a little while, a little distraction which is the best medicine."

Bobby knows firsthand that is true.  When he was young he spent weeks in the hospital recovering from a surgery.

"As a kid I was in the hospital for a long time and I remember people coming by and singing and doing fun activities and as a kid it meant so much whenever I was stuck in the hospital for week so that's another reason we're doing this, we've been there and we know what its like and we're just trying to give back as much as we can."

The Raging Idiots Presents- The Raging Kidiots is available for download on iTunes.