Railroad officer shoots, kills man after Chick-fil-A crash

A uniformed railroad officer fatally shot a disgruntled customer who rammed his truck into a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Nebraska, police said Tuesday.

Officers called Tuesday afternoon to the Chick-fil-A arrived to find a crashed pickup truck inside the restaurant and a BNSF officer performing CPR on a man who later died, Lincoln police said a written statement.

Witnesses told investigators the chaos began around 1 p.m. Tuesday when a man caused a disturbance in the fast-food restaurant.

A teenage worker at the restaurant told the Lincoln Journal Star that the man was flipping tables, punching customers and throwing food in the restaurant's dining room while screaming profanities about a sandwich.

The man was escorted out by another restaurant patron. Witnesses said the man then got in his truck and drove it backward, crashing into front part of the business. No one inside was hurt.

Witnesses told police the man got out of his truck and began chasing customers. That's when he was confronted by the BNSF officer, who said he fired his gun after being threatened with a weapon. Police did not describe the weapon, but one witness told the newspaper that the man attacked the officer with a stun gun. Neither the man nor the BNSF officer has been named.