Rain headed towards Hill Country as meteorologists monitor flood risk

Sunday's storm brought sun, harsh winds, hail, and rain all in one day. Damage can be seen in South Texas meanwhile water levels in Central Texas rose overnight.

“The biggest positive with all this rain, we’ve been drought-free for the last five weeks with all this rain lately we could stay drought-free as we reach the start of summer and that may delete the extreme heat,” said FOX 7 Austin meteorologist Zack Shields.


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Before skies grew dark on Memorial Day, dog owners took their pets to Onion Creek. Mark Phillip's chocolate lab Wade made an instant break for the water. Phillips said he loves the water and every time they come to the park Wade happily takes a dip. On Monday, Phillips had a small scare after seeing how high the water was in the creek.

“He kind of went out swimming like he normally does and got taken away by the current so he went probably down about 20 yards with the current but was able to get back up,” Phillips said.


Wade hopped in a few more times before Phillips waved a tennis ball to get him out.

“Onion Creek into Blanco River they are full right now they haven’t reached flood stage, they are full if we get another two inches of rain,” Shields said. “That could lead to creeks, streams, and rivers in Blanco County to reach flood stage, something we are going to have to monitor very closely.”

Shields urges people to actively keep an eye on the weather, especially those who live in flood-prone areas like Onion Creek or the Blanco River. Weather can change in an instant, a somber reminder of the deadly floods that struck Wimberley five years ago on Memorial Day weekend. Eleven lives were lost that day.

“The ground is like a wet sponge right now it can’t handle torrential downpours with the potential forecast, this is going to lead to an increase in flooding,” said Shields. “Not only on the roadways but the creeks, streams, and rivers.”


Rain totals show a few inches of rain is headed towards the Texas Hill Country over the next couple of days.