Rainey Street bar under fire for allegedly racist, rude comments

A bar on Rainey Street is under fire on social media for some alleged racist and rude comments.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission or TABC confirmed it is investigating "Unbarlievable" for inappropriate language and imagery

A woman took to Facebook about an alleged incident back in March that happened at the bar.

The woman posted “First and last time going: Beer swastika...table next to us ordered a lot of beers and the worker brought the beers out then put them in a shape of a swastika. Totally uncalled for and disrespectful. Told the owner and he did not care at all - horrible."

The Facebook page of the bar responded to her post saying, “If you have feelings all complaints should be directed to our HR department,” it goes on to say she could reach them at a profane email address.

Chris Porter with TABC said they received a complaint and are investigating.

He said a business operating under a TABC license is required to follow certain rules one of which is maintaining the peace and safety of the public.

“Anytime there's a danger to the public safety or allegations of discrimination, or anything along those lines, we take it extremely seriously because the public are the folks we serve here in Texas and we take their safety and their right to conduct their business in Texas very seriously,” he said.

Marco Mancillas said when he saw the posts from the bar he had to do something. He's helping organize a protest boycotting the bar. “Having racial slurs and talking down to people to human beings, that's wrong, and that's something that should not be a part of Austin,” he said.

It is not clear if the owner of the bar, Brandon Cash who also is part owner in other bars in Austin is the person posting on behalf of the establishment. Many on social media said the bar on Facebook, Yelp and other review sites was posting racist and profane remarks after they left negative feedback. 

Cash's Facebook as well as all the remarks have since been deleted.

Mancillas' said if it is Cash he needs to apologize to the community and those he made remarks to and as for the future of the bar, “I feel that this bar should not be a part of Rainey Street anymore. Rainey Street is a very important neighborhood and very important street and that does not reflect what Rainey Street is all about, and that bar needs to close down,” he said.

Brandon Cash gave the following statement to FOX 7:

"It is with profound humility that I issue this heartfelt apology. To those who I have hurt and offended, I am deeply sorry. My words and actions were wrong, inappropriate and inexcusable. They certainly don't exemplify that values of a community that I love and care deeply about and my insensitive actions do not represent the views of my loyal and dedicated employees. 

Austin has been my home for over 30 years and I have worked hard to create hospitality experiences that reflect our unique, fun-loving Austin culture and attract patrons and guests who appreciate it. Unfortunately, my own intolerable actions have contributed to a negative environment that has detracted from that culture and vision. I fully realize that forgiveness may not come easily, but I am asking for it and i pledge to earn it. I am going to work diligently to earn back the trust of my customers, my employees, and this community."