Rally against Freeman decision at DA's office

A crowd of protestors were in downtown Austin Wednesday night, one day after a grand jury cleared a former a-p-d officer of criminal charges for the deadly shooting of  unarmed teenager David Joseph. Geoffrey Freeman is trying to get his job back with the department.

Protesters think he should be behind bars not on the force.

The Austin chapter of Black Lives Matter organized the rally last night on social media.
Many at the rally said Freeman's last resort should have been deadly force.
The crowd of a couple dozen gathered at the Travis County Justice Complex and chanted things like "no justice no peace, no killer police."
Austin NAACP President Nelson Linder was there. He says the justice system in place is archaic.

“We don't accept the decision but I understand under state law. Until they expand the scope of these investigations beyond Texas penal code,  this result is always predictable.