Rally for Rodney Reed held in Bastrop County

Sunday, family, and supporters of death row inmate Rodney Reed rallied in Bastrop County.

The group, gathered next to Bastrop County District Attorney Bryan Goertz’s office, demanding he call off Reed’s execution. “The DA can unilaterally call off the execution date — we need to put pressure on Bryan Goertz,” said Lizzy Bunker, a Brooklyn Law School student, who flew in from New York, to organize the rally. 

The group, also rallied in front of the Bastrop County Courthouse, where Reed, was convicted of the 1996 murder of Stacey Stites. 

Rodney Reed's brother, Rodrick Reed -- noted the confederate monument on the grounds of the courthouse. He recalled asking himself “do we really have a chance?” as he walked past the monument, during Reed's trial. 

Reed, has always maintained his innocence. 

“The State of Texas is wanting to execute my son, and they have nothing, it is proven, flat evil,”  said Rodney Reed's mother, Sandra Reed. 

Reed and his supporters believe Stites’ former fiance and ex-cop Jimmy Fennell is the real killer.

Last year, Fennell finished out a decade long prison sentence, for an unrelated sexual assault. He was considered a suspect at the beginning of the investigation -- but ultimately, Reed was convicted. His semen was found in Stites’ body. He says they were having an affair. 

In recent weeks, a number of witnesses have come forward bolstering Reed's case and implicating Fennell.

Reed's November 20, execution date, still stands.

“It's like something we can't wake up from. But I see now, our eyes are opening, our eyes are opening. God is getting ready to wake us up. He's going to wake up the nation, the world when he frees Rodney Reed. God is going to free Rodney Reed!” said Rodrick Reed. 



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