Rally held in Downtown Austin to support undocumented Texas families

"Don't mess with Texas families" that was the message from a rally held Sunday morning at city hall in Downtown Austin as hundreds gathered to stand in support of undocumented families.

Fighting back tears, 14-year-old Abigail Ramirez took to the stage in front of hundreds to speak at the rally. “This week after election, I walked into school, with the fear of being separated from my family and living alone in the dark. “I have four other siblings, one brother and then three sisters, I’m the youngest, so I am the baby.” Abigail is the only U.S. Citizen in her family of seven. “My mom and dad, they are not documented, they basically, they are my everything. I care for them a lot,” she said.

Hundreds gathered to show their support for undocumented families and what a Trump presidency could mean for those like Abigail's. While campaigning, President-elect Donald Trump spoke heavily about enforcing immigration laws and building a wall along the Mexican border. Strategies that leave some, like Abigail, fearful. “It became a reality that this is actually happening and I could be separated from my family at any moment, and people actually, actually support someone who wants to break apart families, and that's not okay,” she said wiping back tears.

Some local politicians also came to the rally speaking on immigration. “At this time of uncertainty, I stand here certain of one thing, and that is that Austin, will not waiver,” Austin Mayor Steve Adler said to a cheering crowd, He said it's important for community members to come together and stand behind our neighbors.  “I think it is the mayor’s job as well as my privilege to be able to reassure people in the community that they're safe and that they are welcome,” he said.

Abigail said seeing the hundreds rallying on behalf of mixed families like hers, gives her a renewed hope. “Seeing everyone here today, it really changed my mind to be stronger for them and keep on fighting.”