Rare snake among 60 venomous snakes picked up in Manor within a month

In Manor more than 60 venomous snakes have been removed from populated areas in the last month.

Crews recently picked up a rare venomous snake near Manor ISD. Manor animal control said it's a pattern-less Diamondback rattle snake. Experts say it's an extremely rare genetic mutation which doesn't display the signature diamonds usually found on it.

The city said the recent rains and warm temperatures are bringing out all kinds of snakes. They are urging people to be extra careful when doing yard work.

"I will say this year has been a lot busier than last if I had to compare it to recent years. We have picked up a lot more, got a lot more calls, a lot more concerns," said Ashley Kilgore the Manor animal control officer.

The city is urging people not to catch snakes on your own and instead let a professional do it or call animal control.

FOX 7 is told the rare snake will be turned over to the Snake Farm in New Braunfels Wednesday.