Reaction on campus to arrest in UT murder investigation

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News of the arrest came just as mid-day classes were wrapping up on the campus of the University of Texas. For some it did not provide complete peace of mind.

“It gives me comfort that we found someone, but at the same time knowing it was probably a random attack on campus it’s scary,” said Alli Styron.

Despite the loss of a feeling of security, most who we spoke to say they will continue to seek their education on the 40 acres.

"Yeah I still feel safe, this will happen. It's really bad that it happened, but I still think the university is really safe, but we are now more aware of the issue, but I still think it's really safe to be on campus,” said UT Junior Jenny Lai.

UT's police chief says they are going to do a review of their records to see if they have had any recent contact with the suspect, Meechaiel Criner. They're also going to do a larger review in regards to the transient population that hangs out on and along campus.

"Obviously in this particular case we did not catch this young man, or identify him prior to this we recognize that. It’s important to recognize that we are working closely with APD and going beyond our campus boundaries now,” said Chief David Carter.

A lot of the criminal activity linked to the transient population along the drag is typically drug related.

UT student, Emily Postin says the group sometimes makes her feel uncomfortable.

"I don’t know what there is to be done about that, but homeless people live around here everywhere, I live across the street from a park and there is a lot most of the time. I don’t know what can be done, I'd like for them to address it."

For the past year UTPD and Austin police have patrols in the area. Chief Carter says patrols are now being ramped up.

Students are urged to use a late night program call Sure Walk, but it’s a volunteer program with limited hours.  UT officials today tell me they are currently looking at ways to expand the service before the end of the semester.